About Us

In 1987, the Fuyao Group manufactures and sells safety glass windscreens, safety glass for construction, anti-glare glass, anti-reflective float glass, anti-reflective windscreens, low-quality glass windows and other types of industrial glass.

The group has more than 10,000 employees and produces glass in the bases of Fuqing, Changchun, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing and float glass in the newest bases in Fuqing Fujian, Shuangliao of Jilin, Tongliao in Inner Mongolia, and Haikou Hainan .

The company's total assets rose from 6.27 million yuan in 1987 to 9.0 billion yuan at present, with sales and sales networks in America, Japan, Korea, Australia, Russia, Germany, Western Europe and Eastern Europe .

Fuyao Group is China's largest manufacturer and exporter of windscreens and has advanced production technology. Brand registered & ldquo; FY & rdquo; Was recognized as the most prestigious brand in China's automotive glass industry by awarding the China Famous Brand in 2004.

The quality of products has been recognized through the award of numerous international awards especially by renowned car makers.

Due to the high technology of its production and the quality of its windshields, Fuyao Group has obtained OEM licenses from the most well-known brands in the automotive industry that have established production bases in China such as:

Audi,Bentley,Volkswagen,GM,Ford,Toyota,Honda,PSA,Volvo,Hyundai,si Daimler Chrysler.


To produce windscreens at the highest quality standards to ensure comfort and safety and thus play a major role in the automotive industry.


  • Pay special attention to quality and efficiency.
  • Be global trustworthy partners.
  • Let's be a model to follow for our competitors.
  • Have a top global team.
  • Let's be a prestigious brand, renowned worldwide.