Modern upgraded versions on the inside such as metallic wire antennas or printed film antennas. The film antenna is a new type of antenna that uses a metallic film as a receiver.


  • It does not require printing, is not visible, there are no cables, low cost.
  • Because they are invisible they can not be destroyed.

Operating principle

Using the film coated as an antenna, the signal is transmitted to the radio or amplifier via a metal conductor or a silver printed circuit. It is not necessary to customize the windscreen because the film can be used with any type of glass. Frequency adjustments, fine tuning can be adjusted only by simply re-positioning the antenna.

For the metal conductor antenna, copper wire with a diameter of 0.1 ~ 0.15mm applied to the PVB layer prior to lamination is used which, with the help of customized equipment, captures FM / AN / TV / GPS signals.

The silver circuit-printed antenna is applied to the inner surface of the windscreen, and after receiving it in the oven and bending it can receive FM / AN / TV / GPS signals.