Comfort in the cabin must also take into account the zogomottes that can get through here. These noises come from different sources: engine noise, bad road, strong wind gusts, vibrations, other collateral noise. Although regular laminated windshields reduce noise discomfort, vehicle buyers have ever more rigorous requirements in this regard. In response to these requirements, the laminated glass pane was created.


  • Polyphonic glass with PVB can reduce noise in the passenger compartment with 5 ~ 10dB in normal driving conditions. In addition, frequencies between 1000-4000Hz, which are known as "car bad", are significantly reduced, being absorbed by the special soundproof layer.
  • You can use thinner glass keeping the same performance as thick glass.
  • In the case of accidents, the laminated glass side windows are much safer than the quality glass.
  • UV protection and UV transmission is less than 5%.

Operating principle

For sound insulation, a resin called polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is applied before rolling. Glass thus becomes an effective insulator and prevents external noise from entering the cabin.